How to Clean Motherboard- Use Best Motherboard Cleaner Method

A Motherboard is one of the most crucial and delicate component of the whole computer system. A speck of a mistake, and you can completely lost an expensive and an important part of your PC. According to a study, an average person loses its motherboard either while changing the setup or while cleaning the motherboard. When it comes to cleaning you have to be extra cautious. Also, it should be cleaned it regularly, So, lets begin with How to clean a Motherboard, In the right way.

With usage and time, dust and dirt collect onto the motherboard. If it’s not cleaned regularly, dirt and dust will create a lot of hazards, and your motherboard may decrease its performance or it can malfunction, and in the worst case, it could overheat and stopped working due to a short circuit. But don’t worry, we got your back. Now when you understand why we should clean a motherboard regularly, let us see the methods in which you can clean a motherboard.    

Cleaning a motherboard is a bit challenging because even the smallest mistake might impact its performance. But don’t be concerned about it, follow our methods, and you’re good to go. 

Cleaning a Motherboard is complicated, but it is much needed, Here are some Pros and Cons about cleaning the Motherboard.

  • Will Boast Performance

  • Will Increase The Life Span

  • Will Decrease the Temperature

  • Will Solve the Over-heating Issues

  • BE cautious, you may damage it

How to Clean a Motherboard

Below are some best methods to clean a motherboard:

  1. With pressurized or comprised air 
  2. With Iso Propyl alcohol

1. How to Clean A Motherboard With Pressurized Air

For the overall clean-up of a motherboard, the simplest and most secure way will be applying compressed air. You may get a can of compressed air from the local store or an online store. This method is advantageous in the general cleaning of a motherboard. 

How to Clean A Motherboard With Pressurized Air

Once you’ve shut the computer down, dismantle it, then utilize pressurized air to reduce dirt dust and dirt particles. On some occasions, you could see that a few dirt particles are not that easy to get rid of. Because of this particular thing, you may make use of a soft-bristled brush to assist within the procedure. Make use of the brush lightly to loosen the dirt particles and then use a pressurized atmosphere to expel them thoroughly.

2. How To Deeply Clean A Motherboard Utilizing Iso Propyl Alcohol

If your motherboard has tacky stains, then compressed air may not assist you in cleaning your motherboard. To eliminate the stubborn stains, we have to use isopropyl alcohol

There are two ways to clean a motherboard with alcohol. You can give your motherboard an alcohol bath, or you can use a cloth to remove those stains. Keep this in your mind that the alcohol that you utilize for clean-up should be more than 90% pure, preferably 99 percent. This kind of fluid dries and invisibly extremely quick.

How To Deeply Clean A Motherboard Utilizing Iso Propyl Alcohol

The Best Way To Use Alcohol to Wash Motherboard

There are possibly two ways to use alcohol to clean the motherboard. Some prefers a deep bath with alcohol while some prefers to use a cloth with alcohol. Well, Both techniques can be used. To get rid of any tacky particles or materials which are thick and not easy to get free of, you should prefer using a cotton swab along with the isopropyl alcohol. This way may guarantee the dirt particles have been all eliminated.

Nevertheless, in acute situations, some contaminants could still stay like soldering or carbon crap. In this, you can opt to provide the motherboard with an alcoholic bath. You can only apply this procedure when the device is fully dismantled. Because if the device is in contact with electric supply, it may malfunction. You can also refer to this method when the motherboard is not working regularly. This could happen because of the pile of dirt that is piled up on the motherboard and eventually slows it down.  

General Steps to Clean a Motherboard:

Step 1: Shut the pc. This consists of turning the mains off and also removal of all of the cables.

Step 2: Dismantle the computer system and take out the motherboard.

Step 3: Utilize pressurized blower or air to take out the dust and dirt particles. Work with a soft, bristled brush when required.

Step 4: Use isopropyl alcohol into profound clean the motherboard using a cotton swab. This may get rid of the tacky and challenging particles that cannot be erased with air that is compressed.

Step 5: Pour isopropyl alcohol on to your motherboard only when it is required.

Step 6: Wait until the alcohol is dried up. If alcohol is not dried, do not assemble the PC.

Step 7: Construct the PC Straight Back again.

A handful of Safety Measures in your mind

  • Make sure to wash your motherboard at least once a year.
  • In case your PC is in the Warranty period, do not apply a liquid operation on your motherboard or any other computer parts as it may void your warranty. If you need, don’t hesitate to get professional help. 
  • Make sure that the computer system is totally shut down and pushed off until the clean-up procedure.
  • Ensure that you’re using 99% isopropyl alcohol to cleaning your motherboard.
  • Allow the device to dry before powering back the computer.
  • If in doubt, look for professional assistance to clean a motherboard.

The Bottom Line

Dust and Dirt, Are two biggest enemy for any computer parts or components. We should keep these small parts dirt free in order to increase their life span. Dirt free component work more efficiently. So Cleaning a motherboard will increase its performance too. We have directed you some steps, If you perform those steps correctly then you’re good to go!

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