How To Ship A Motherboard

Computer parts are delicate, a minor jerk and you’ll lose an expensive and a crucial part of your computer. But you usually don’t take risk of playing with your Motherboard or RAM or some other parts. These delicate parts need to be handled with care. But, what if you want to ship a motherboard to your friend? You have to be very careful with the packaging of the shipment Afterall you are shipping an expensive and an extremely delicate item. I’ll suggest that you should not risk such an important thing and you should definitely follow our guide on How to ship a motherboard.

Let’s assume you want to ship a motherboard to one of your friends or to the company instead. The only thing you want during the shipment is the perfect care of your delicate motherboard. If you do the packaging right, you can make sure that your package is safe and secure. You can use some tips to make sure you’re doing the packaging in the right manner.

How to Ship a Motherboard

1. Use The Original Box

Yes, If you have the original box, use that only. It will have the perfect fit. If you want some after-market shipping boxes you have to make sure that there is no empty space left in the box. If there will more empty space then there will more room for jerks and accidents. So try to use the original box instead of some other box you have in your house.

2. Use an Anti-Static Bag

If you’re sending your motherboard in the original box or with a box in which a perfect fit for the motherboard, do not forget to use the anti-static bag with it. An Anti-static bag will help your motherboard from ESD, Electro-Static Discharge. Anti-Static bag transfers the charge towards the ground which protects the electronics from ESD. You can use an antistatic bag to store any type of Electronics device.

3. Use Packing Peanuts

You need to cover spacing inside the box, to do so you can use Packing Peanuts. This small packing objects will pack the space inside the box and will ensure that there is no space left for movement. With this, you can make sure that during the shipment, the package can take some force of action and the delicate motherboard will be safe. You can find this packing peanut in the local store or you can buy it from amazon as well. It is a must-have thing in your house if you frequently ship electronics or such delicate things.

Packing Peanuts For Shipping Motherboard

Some tips on How to ship a motherboard using things that are available in your house.

First things first, These tips are not recommended. These are only if you don’t want to buy stuff from stores.

1. Card Board Box

To ship a motherboard, you can use a cardboard box. Also, keep this in mind that a motherboard is a delicate item so don’t risk it. Use a proper box which fits perfectly. You can use some thermocol sheets in packing the motherboard.

2. News Papers

You can also use some old newspapers in place of Packaging peanuts. But do keep in mind that if you’re using newspapers then you have to fill some empty space with thermocol. So use both while packaging the motherboard.

3. Bubble Wrap

If you have an old bubble wrap and it seems that you can use it then you can use that also. Bubble wraps have air in it and it works as the best shock absorber. So it will protect the motherboard from jerks it might experience during the shipment.

The Conclusion  

A motherboard is a very delicate object. Also, It is an expensive component. So if you want to ship a motherboard then you should be very protective while shipping it. We have listed some essential things you should keep in mind while picking a motherboard for shipping. You may find some recommended things in your backyard garage or you can grab those stuff from your local store. We have also listed some tips if you don’t want to purchase stuff. Feel free to ask if you have any other quires in the comment section below and subscribe to our newsletter if you find this article helpful.